Monday, June 28, 2010

Choose your business partners wisely

Independent studies have shown over time, choosing vendors based on price alone isn’t a sustainable long term approach to equipment sourcing. Also, working with resellers based on size or manufacturer recommendations does not mean you will end up with the best solution. Favoring a reseller that primarily represents one manufacturer also isn’t necessarily the best way to guarantee an unbiased solution.

You are better off working with partners that offer multiple product lines and unbiased solutions that will meet your long term goals. The larger the reseller and the more heavily committed they are to one product line, the more influence the manufacturer will have on the solutions they offer and the price you ultimately pay. Buying decisions based exclusively on price or soliciting blind RFQs doesn’t foster loyalty and trust between the client and business partner. It’s the mutually beneficial relationships that everyone seeks so when there is an issue or an emergency, you have a partner you know will do the right thing because of your long history of working together.

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