Thursday, October 25, 2012

New HP Integrity Servers Live Up to Their Name

It looks like the HP’s high-end server line standardized on Intel’s Itanium platform is living up to its name – NonStop. After a lengthy court battle spurred by the software giant Oracle's claim that they would stop developing the enterprise software required to support the Intel Itanium processor platform, HP has emerged victorious. While prospects looked gloomy for the HP’s Intel Itanium-based server line before the trial, with quite a few customers preemptively jumping ship, now that Oracle has been court-ordered to continue supporting Intel Itanium technology, there’s nothing to stop HP from continuing its dominance in the Itanium server world and expanding its Integrity NonStop server portfolio.

And HP didn’t wait long to get back to work. Arriving just a few short weeks after the end of the court battle, HP has released the new HP Integrity NonStop NS2100 server. The HP NS2100 is designed for small to medium-sized businesses with high transaction workloads (think manufacturing or health care), but offers the same exceptional high availability offered by its enterprise-targeting older siblings. Even though they are manufactured as entry-level servers, HP NS2100 servers come equipped with all of the traditional NonStop server benefits, like full fault tolerance, tight hardware and software integration, incredible scalability, and high flexibility – all at a price point that won’t put the hulk smash on your IT budget.

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