Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where to Turn When Products are Discontinued - IBM x3550 M3, x3650 M3 & HS22's

Have you ever been put into the position where technology that you depend on is no longer being produced by the manufacturer? Unfortunately, it’s a pretty common dilemma amongst the technology-dependent. One group of users that’s being targeted right now are IBM customers, since IBM has recently announced that their System x3550 M3, System x3650 M3 and BladeCenter HS22 servers are going end-of-life.

Being replaced in production by next-generation IBM x3550 M4, IBM x3650 M4 and IBM HS23 servers, the M3/HS22 generation might not have some of the bleeding-edge features and technologies, but they do have a few key things going for them that the M4/HS23 generation doesn’t.

Some examples being: hey, you’re standardized on them, you need them to fill out your existing clusters, or you don’t have the budget. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t HAVE to get “the next best thing” if it’s not the best thing for you at this time. After all, “planned obsolescence” should be dictated by your needs, not a manufacturer’s product development schedules.

When a manufacturer puts a product end-of-life they leave their faithful customer out in the cold, along with the older generation technology, forcing those previously faithful customers to look beyond the traditional distribution channel and to the independent/secondary marketplace for a trusted, reliable technology partner. This was the very catalyst that caused us to establish our IBM business over 10 years ago.  Since that time, we have been able to successfully meet the needs of variety of companies using the IBM platform. Accordingly, we have made a substantial investment in IBM x3550 M3, IBM x3650 M3 and IBM HS22 servers so that you don’t have to feel left behind by a one-dimensional, future-facing technology manufacturer.

Check out our press release for the full details including the SKU's for all of the discontinued models.

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