Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Asked, We Answered: "What Does Refurbished Really Mean?"

A frequent question that we receive here at Great Lakes Computer is, “What does refurbished equipment mean?” The fast answer to this question is that it means you’re going to save money – and I mean a lot of money. This is because refurbished equipment costs significantly less than new equipment, while offering the same technology and performance, and often the same warranty and support.

Let me break down why this is true:

    1. It’s important to note that contrary to some old wives’ tales, the majority of refurbished equipment is 1-3 years old and in good to new condition. Typical sources include: off-lease equipment, trade-ins, company bankruptcies, liquidations, or a number of other sources.  Depending on the reseller, the product is usually re-tested and prepared for resale before being put in inventory to ensure that it’s in good-as-new working condition.

    2. Some of the equipment that finds its way to the secondary/refurbished equipment market comes from distributors that want to liquidate excess inventory positions. This product is unused and often has warranty coverage by the manufacturer. This is not an uncommon practice as there are nationally known warehouse clubs and consumer goods retailers that source some of their goods in this manner. You’d shop in those stores, right? Great Lakes Computer does the exact same thing with SMB to enterprise-level technology equipment.

    3. While - like any industry - there are unscrupulous operators, the best way to protect your company is to deal with an established reseller possessing an excellent reputation. Be sure to go with an established reseller (say a 26-year established reseller…) and there’s no reason to fear what they have to offer, especially the savings – they might be too good to be true, but they are true! Not only will you save on price, but you can also recoup previous expenses by trading in used equipment.

There is a vast amount of high-quality, refurbished equipment that is available in the secondary/refurbished equipment market. So give your IT budget a break, and don’t just sprint for the new – consider refurbished alternatives in your purchasing decisions.

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