Thursday, November 1, 2012

Juniper MX Routers - Network Edge Domination

Revealed on October 2nd, Juniper Networks has placed themselves one step further towards network edge domination with innovative new hardware and software additions to their MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router series. Already an impressive series with the Junos Trio chipset for 3D scaling capabilities, the Juniper MX series is now optimized for service providers trying to get ahead, while also dealing with the escalating cloud computing, mobile and video momentum.

Allowing service providers to make the leap from trying to doing, the new offerings for the Juniper MX series enable service providers to deliver and expand their services up to 69% faster than competing solutions. Providing service providers with the ability to scale bandwidth and subscribers, the MX edge router platform also allows service providers to offer differentiated services, increase energy-efficiency, and reduce overall network expenses.

The 5 key new offerings of the Juniper MX series platform include:
  1. Junos Web Aware software – Extends server provider capabilities to include parental-control services and targeted advertising.
  2. JunosV Firefly – Tightens network security with virtualized managed services that include virtualized security. 
  3. Junos Node Unifier – Allows Juniper MX routers and top-of-rack switches to be combined into a single virtualized element.
  4. Business Cloud CPE – Enables enterprises to offload their private cloud monitoring and Layer 3 routing intelligence onto the service provider’s MX series router.
  5. Junos Content Encore – Featuring a new MX Application Services Modular Line Card, this allows IPS, content management, firewalls and other MX series capabilities to be offered with the option of a software or an appliance format.
The new Juniper MX edge series platform capabilities arose from a firm belief in the continuation of the cloud computing, mobile and video movements, with astronomical figures projected for industry-wide adoption and spend for these items by as early as 2016. It's not just a bunch of fanfare, ladies and gentlemen; it’s where the future is heading.

You can learn more about Juniper products through Juniper University.

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