Thursday, November 15, 2012

Juniper vGW 5.5 Update: The Top 3 Features

While the new VMware vSphere 5.1 upgrade might have been all you saw in the headlines, there has been another important upgrade in the virtualization sphere. I know, it’s hard to believe! But yes, Juniper Networks has released an upgrade for their virtual gateway solution, vGW. Able to be used as a spplement to the security offered by VMware’s virtualization solutions, the Juniper vGW product delivers the ultimate in virtualization security solutions as a third party vendor. 

Now with the new version 5.5 upgrade, Juniper vGW software offers even more datacenter benefits that are specifically geared towards growing virtualization security challenges, something BYOD has made a major concern for the enterprise.

The top 3 new features provided by the Juniper vGW 5.5 update are:
  1. Full IPv6 support – The Juniper vGW software now offers full IPv6 support, allowing users to express and enforce policies on IPv6 networks. This is a major advantage for their target market of large service providers.
  2. Different management views – Juniper vGW version 5.5 features the ability to logically divide the security software at the front end in order to allow for different views into the management center. 
  3. New API – The version 5.5 upgrade provides Juniper vGW software with a new API that endows large service providers with the ability to control what they make available to their virtualization clients.
The one feature still on my virtual security wish list after this upgrade would be integration with the recently acquired Mykonos security product. But with Juniper’s history of constant innovation, I feel positive that this integration is not so far off in the future. For deeper insight into this product, check out our vGW series page at

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