Thursday, December 20, 2012

HP Integrity Gets a Refresh with i4

While the excitement may not have been quite as high as that of Tolkien diehards waiting for The Hobbit to be released, but the anticipation for the newly released HP Integrity servers was there. This refresh of the Integrity product portfolio shows HP’s commitment to this server line and its continuation. The new HP Integrity servers include HP Integrity BL860c i4, HP Integrity BL870c i4, HP Integrity BL890c i4, and HP Integrity RX2800 i4.

As HP-UX software-based server solutions and members of the Converged Infrastructure portfolio, the new HP integrity servers boast faster transactional speeds and improved performance with 2-socket (BL860c i4 and RX2800 i4), 4-socket (HP BL870c i4) and 8-socket (HP BL890c i4) blade and rack options. The faster transactional speeds are possible thanks to the new Intel Itanium 9500 series processors.

Designed to work with the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure, the new HP Integrity i4 blade servers offer never-before-seen flexibility through electrically-isolated hard-partitioning capabilities. Not only does this provide workload flexibility, but exceptional fault tolerance as well. Other shiny, new benefits offered by HP Integrity i4 servers include enhanced scalability, efficiency and availability.

The new HP Integrity i4 rack server is designed to handle mission-critical workloads with performance enhancements of up to 3x its predecessor. Featuring HP Virtual Partitions technology, RX2800 i4 rack servers allow rack-based datacenters and branch offices to do more with a small space and energy footprint. RX2800 i4 servers also offer disaster recovery capabilities and reduced software licensing expenses.

Not only do the servers offer exciting features, but the HP-UX software itself has also been refreshed. The HP-UX software now offers the ability to optimize the resource allocation of your datacenter as well as quicker threat detection through enhanced security and management features. So, if you run HP Integrity servers, now just might be the time to hop on the refresh train and take a look at your datacenter. After all, the holidays ARE the perfect time to pick up some shiny new toys. 

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