Thursday, February 7, 2013

IBM TotalStorage DS3500 Controller 7.84 Firmware Release

In the technology world, if you aren’t constantly improving, then you will quickly be left behind. One company that has done exceptionally well at staying relevant and ahead of the curve is IBM. Not only have they evolved into a truly social business, but IBM has kept their eye on what is truly relevant, and continues to keep their technology evolving.

The new Controller Firmware (CFW) 7.84 release is just one example of their evolving technology. IBM System Storage DS3500 now offers more powerful premium features and easier premium feature ordering. These new, free-of-charge features include full disk encryption, up to 128 partitions, up to 32 enhanced FlashCopies, and up to 256 VolumeCopies.

(Oh, and did we mention that if you have a current support contract, you are entitled to a FREE UPGRADE to CFW version 7.84?)

The CFW version 7.84 for the IBM System Storage DS3500 can also include IP Mirroring and Super Key, which enables all of the functionality for performance read cache, disaster recovery options, and backup and restore options. Plus, all of the previous options (such as Turbo Performance Option or 96 to 192 Drive Enclosure Expansion keys) will remain available and functional with the CFW 7.84 upgrade.

There are other CFW version 7.84 features that are definitely nice-to-have if they fit your environment. In addition to optional AIX/VIOS Host Kits, HP-UX Host Kits, Linux on Power Host Kits, and Mac OS Host Kits, you now have the option of a Solaris Host Kit.  This new kit will provide entitlement and support for servers that host Solaris operating systems and are used with IBM DS3500 disk systems.

The new premium features offered by the IBM TotalStorage DS3500 disk system takes its performance to a new level.

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