Thursday, March 28, 2013

BYOD: The Importance of Wireless Site Surveys

Alongside BYOD’s meteoric rise in the workplace, there’s been a corresponding explosion of mobile device malware. With the total mobile malware samples across all operating systems rising from 11,138 in 2010 to 28,472 in 2011, it’s clear that mobile data is under attack. Given that an estimated 60% of employees use a mobile device for work, both a mobile device use policy and mobile device management plan for your organization are fast becoming necessities.

The first step to developing a mobile device use policy and mobile device management plan is to assess your current wireless environment through a wireless site survey. Wireless site surveys help organizations design and implement a plan that will deliver the required wireless coverage for their unique needs. It is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the type of wireless network that will best serve an organization’s needs in terms of security, coverage, and cost, before beginning a wireless project.

Did you know? Great Lakes Computer is now offering 3 wireless site survey options: active, passive and predictive.

  • Active - An active wireless survey is performed by connecting GLC’s Wi-Fi adapter to the client’s wireless network. This type of survey allows Great Lakes to determine what the end user would experience.
  • Passive - A passive wireless survey is performed through an application that collects the most comprehensive data on the RF environment. This method creates a good picture of the existing wireless environment, which allows Great Lakes to determine any “holes” in coverage and make adjustments to the network as needed.
  • Predictive - A predictive wireless survey is performed by creating a simulation of the RF environment through entering information about the environment into an RF modeling tool. By using test equipment to perform a “walk-through” and taking measurements along the way, Great Lakes can accurately plan and design a complete wireless network solution.

The type of wireless site survey that is used will be based on each organization’s unique requirements. This allows for the most accurate assessment of what is required from an infrastructure perspective to support a mobile device use policy and mobile device management plan for your organization.


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