Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Blades for Virtualization?

So you've made the decision to virtualize your environment. You've probably also decided which virtualization platform that you’re going with (VMware, Microsoft, etc.), but have you thought about the server boxes that you will be putting it on?  While you may be intimidated by blade servers because of the perceived complexity and alleged higher price point, here are a few reasons that you should consider before you decide...

  1. Blade servers can offer a 3:1 ratio of systems in a physical space compared to equivalent rackmount servers.
  2. The centralized management of blade enclosures reduces OpEx (operational expenditure) by reducing time required for routine maintenance and support.
  3. Shared power and cooling greatly improves resource utilization.
  4. Wire-once connectivity allows for significantly quicker deployments, upgrades, and maintenance.
  5. Combine the centralized management and wire-once connectivity with server management software such as HP Insight Control, and you will see an exponential increase in your support team’s productivity.

So if you are looking to purchase seven servers or more for your virtualization project, then you should definitely consider blade servers. Seven is the magic number in this scenario, because it is commonly the break-even point for the cost of a blade server infrastructure versus rackmount servers.  Once cost has been eliminated as a factor, the simplicity and density that blade servers bring to your virtualized environment will outweigh all other factors.

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