Thursday, April 11, 2013

IBM and Big Data: So Happy Together

While trends like cloud computing and BYOD are a challenge to the status quo, big data is actually a boon to existing infrastructures since it relies primarily on the data already in an organization’s system. So for big technology manufacturers with legacy business, such as IBM, this trend is their newest and dearest friend.

In order to capitalize on big data, IBM has announced a series of technologies centered on enhancing data analysis.  And with the exponential growth of data, many corporations will produce a sign of relief when they hear about these new IBM offerings.

The new IBM technologies include an analysis accelerator that will speed up data analytics reports, and a Big Data appliance. The Big Data appliance will feature a combination of hardware and software that will allow companies to ask question and actually get automated answers from their own data.

Some of the ways in which the more powerful and efficient analysis of big data will be a big help to large business will be through: more thorough customer understanding, improved security threat and fraud detection, increased IT operational efficiency, simple incorporation of new data sources, and analysis of data from additional networked equipment.

In general, the new data analysis technologies offered by IBM will prove beneficial for companies of any industry with years of data to analyze and IT infrastructures that extend across remote offices, multiple locations, and various networks. 

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