Thursday, April 4, 2013

Migration Paths from Oracle to HP

Choosing the right path for migrating from Oracle Sun to an HP platform can be difficult. Luckily, each migration path that HP offers provides flexibility for unique environments. The three major migration paths are:  HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity, Linux on HP ProLiant, and Windows on HP ProLiant.

  1. HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity – This path is most appropriate for users who would like to consolidate older SPARC environments or upgrade their applications and databases, while maintaining certain service levels. Through this migration path, users can preserve UNIX skills and software assets, enhance their utilization, and simplify and automate management and processes for a more agile (but still UNIX) enterprise environment. 
  2. Linux on HP ProLiant – Since they share many similarities, Linux is a great choice for those currently running a Solaris OS, because it offers a UNIX-like OS but provides the stability and broad-based support of an open-source platform. Also an extremely cost-effective option, this migration path includes Linux QA testing, Insight control suite for Linux, ProLiant Support Pack for manageability, and Solaris-to-Linux porting kit. 
  3. Windows on HP ProLiant – Due to a strong relationship with Microsoft, HP is able to offer strong support for Windows environments. Also offering backward compatibility with UNIX via a small selection of native UNIX utilities for Windows, this migration path offers cost-savings and stability on industry-standard HP ProLiant servers. 

Through these various migration paths, HP makes the transition from a UNIX environment to standardization on a Windows or Linux OS as painless as possible. Not only is it painless, but these migration platforms provide your environment with significantly improved price performance and stability.

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