Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Rented to Owned - Datacenter Edition

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start when you run into a business challenge, especially one that concerns IT. Recently, we dealt with a customer that had previously opted to rent infrastructure space in lieu of operating their own datacenter, but ran into an issue when they decided to transition to Apple for the desktop and end user mobile devices.

Unfortunately, the rented datacenter was not compatible with the Apple platform. Also, because the customer was in the healthcare industry, they had an entirely separate issue with securing data at rest due to recent changes to HIPAA regulations. 

This is where we came in. To help the customer achieve an environment that was both Apple-compatible and HIPAA compliant, we developed a customized primary datacenter solution as well as a Disaster Recovery (DR) site solution with automated failover. This customized solution included new IBM TotalStorage DS3500 SANs at both sites, with full disk encryption technology, a HP C7000 blade enclosure with renew BL460c G7 blade servers, GLC certified Cisco 3750 switches, VMware Site Recovery Manager, and a VMware Essentials Plus acceleration kit.

In addition to a unique combination of best-of-breed hardware and software, the customer received professional services and knowledge transfer through our full installation, along with documentation validating the failover process.

The customer was able to complete the transfer to an entirely Apple-based end user environment in a time-efficient manner and become fully compliant with new HIPAA regulations (thanks to the full disk encryption capabilities offered by the IBM TotalStorage DS3500 SAN). Ultimately, we were able to kill two birds with one stone, simplifying the project and saving the customer money.