Friday, May 17, 2013

How Juniper Networks Helps Improve Patient Care

One of the most pressing questions on the mind of hospitals and other healthcare providers is, how do we achieve better patient care? Due to the impact of Meaningful Use Stage 2 on HIPAA privacy and security regulations, many hospitals and healthcare providers are being incentivized, and ultimately required, to make changes to their current network infrastructures in order to better protect patient privacy when exchanging health information.  Fortunately, since network technology is evolving alongside the healthcare industry, these changes also lead to improvements in patient care and satisfaction.

Hospitals and healthcare providers require cost-effective solutions that will deliver the additional capacity, security and capabilities that their network infrastructures require. One key challenge these infrastructures face is the growing number of mobile devices caregivers and patients are using (both on and off premise).

One solution that takes both patient care and HIPAA regulations into account is Juniper’s Simply Connected for Healthcare solution.  As an integrated portfolio of resilient switching, security and wireless products, Simply Connected for Healthcare enables simple, secure access and collaboration, regardless of the type of device, its user, or its location. This makes it simple for both caregivers and patients to securely access medical information via one security policy per user, and it works for everything. 

In addition to secure, device-agnostic connections from any location, the primary benefits offered by Juniper’s Simply Connected for Healthcare solution  are: the creation of a general-purpose, application-agnostic network delivering unrivaled performance and protection,  increased secured information, availability, support for service-demanding healthcare mobility applications and seamless roaming, and simplification of the architecture and software stack of the network.

Juniper’s Simply Connected for Healthcare portfolio simplifies the network infrastructure, provides secure access to medical information, and offers a more reliable and scalable network.  Thus, it addresses both key issues facing the healthcare industry; it provides the necessary infrastructure changes due to HIPAA requirements, and it ensures the continuous improvement of patient care.

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