Thursday, June 13, 2013

VMware vSOM: What's the Big Deal?

The release of VMware’s vSphere with Operations Manager, or vSOM, licensing option has created a bit of an industry buzz. Whether it’s concern over how vSOM will impact vSphere Center Operations Management Suite (vCOPS) licensing or excitement over the advantages of the new licensing option, vSOM has caught the attention of VMware-virtualized organizations.

First of all, the new vSOM licensing option consists of VMware vSphere Standard, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition combined with VMware vCOPS Standard Edition for every host in your virtual infrastructure. This makes it an attractive licensing option compared to previous vCOPS licensing, because it allows you pay per CPU for both vSphere and vCops. Additionally, the price point for vSOM is below the price point of any vSphere edition combined with Operations Management.

Secondly, in addition to cost, vSOM enhances operational efficiency. vSOM enables datacenters to improve their VMware capacity utilization by up to 40% because stranded capacity can be reclaimed and utilized efficiently. Reducing the amount of time spent on diagnostics and problem resolution, vSOM also provides, on average, a 36% reduction in application downtime.

There are three ways that users can obtain vSOM. Not only can users straight-out purchase the new vSOM licensing option, users can also obtain vSOM by upgrading their current vSphere licenses. Just a tip, upgrading current vSphere licenses will be significantly less costly than outright purchasing vSOM. Last but not least, vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kits are also available for purchase.  The new Acceleration Kits include a vCenter Standard Server license, six vSphere licenses in the edition of the user’s choice, and vCenter Operations Manager Standard licensing with each processor license.

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