Thursday, July 25, 2013

HP Insight Control Amplifies ProLiant Server Management

HP Insight Control is server management software that gives system administrators the tools to fully utilize the management capabilities built into HP ProLiant servers.  With Insight Control, you can deploy new ProLiant servers quickly and reliably, catalog your environment, remotely manage ProLiant servers, and proactively monitor server health.  You can reduce unplanned downtime and deliver stable IT services to your users.  Insight Control enables you to quickly respond to pressing business needs by facilitating the rapid rollout of new IT services. HP ProLiant servers with Insight Control enable you to simplify day-to-day operations to get the most of your investment in server assets and staff.

Some of the tools that are available within the HP Insight Control management software suite include HP Lights Out, HP Systems Insight Manager, and the extension for VMware vCenter Server.

With HP Lights-Out (iLO), you can take control of your ProLiant servers at any time and from any location. iLO Advanced and Insight Control offer the Remote Console and Virtual Media features; no more connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to troubleshoot or configure a server.  You can also share the Remote Console session with up to six administrators to collaborate in real time.

Monitor system health and performance through HP Systems Insight Manager. Not only does this allow users to proactively manage your ProLiant servers with a simple, integrated interface, but you can also forward alerts to other enterprise management solutions. Insight Control allows you to maintain consistency with firmware and software baselines using Systems Insight Manager and HP Software Update Manager.  Insight Control also enables you to proactively manage virtual machine workloads based on pre-failure conditions from underlying host and storage systems.

The HP Insight Control extension for VMware vCenter Server enables converged infrastructure to be the best infrastructure solution for VMware administrators.  From a single pane of glass, you can provision, monitor, and manage HP servers, storage, and networking infrastructure.  Invoke HP management tools, such as Systems Insight Manager, iLO, Virtual Connect Manager, and Onboard Administrator directly from the VMware vCenter interface.  Insight Control with VMware vCenter allows you to visually trace and monitor your Virtual Connect network end-to-end without leaving VMware vCenter.

Through these tools and more, HP Insight Control assists in managing your entire server infrastructure.  Reduce staff workload by offloading deployment and compliance checks using Insight Control.  Integration with VMware vCenter provides a powerful, centralized management solution for your virtual environment and the physical infrastructure supporting it. All-in-all, HP Insight control management software enables users to respond to critical business needs by rapidly provisioning ProLiant servers while meeting compliance requirements. 

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