Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's New in VMware Horizon Workspace Version 1.5

VMware has recently released Horizon Workspace version 1.5, a move designed to simplify the experience for both the end user and the IT guy in an increasingly mobile world. This release extends the simplicity offered by the pre-existing single, aggregated workspace combining data, applications and desktops. It also enables VMware Horizon Workspace to aid in controlling the complexity that has arisen from the BYOD explosion.

VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 makes it a much simpler task to support the mobile workforce and introduces the advantage of a highly integrated mobile management platform. This integrated management interface is designed to support Android devices, with the goal of supporting Apple iOS devices in iOS 7 in the future.

Since the explosion of BYOD has resulted in a variety of mobile device models and platforms, between smart phones and tablets and Android and Apple, IT has been burdened with more components to manage, adding further layers of complexity and stress. Additionally, Android is notoriously difficult to manage. However, Horizon Workspace easily allows IT administrators to standardize the management of Android devices and alleviates this particular IT burden.

VMware Horizon Workspace is available as a virtual appliance that can easily be deployed on site and integrated with existing enterprise services. Other key advantages offered by the latest version of VMware Horizon Workspace include integration with VMware Horizon Mobile, a policy management engine designed to consolidate, model and rationalize policies across all components, and support for mobile applications that more easily allow IT administrators to entitle and manage applications.

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