Thursday, January 23, 2014

VMware Acquires AirWatch for Mobile Device Management

VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company, has reached a deal worth $1.54 billion to acquire AirWatch. AirWatch is a leader in mobile device management with over 10,000 customers, including Lowe’s, Delta Air Lines, and nine of the top ten retailers. This acquisition follows VMware’s October acquisition of the desktop-as-a-service company Desktone and is part of a larger move to offer consumers a robust enterprise mobility platform.

Since the widespread adoption of mobile device use by their employees, businesses are faced with securing a multitude of new devices while providing end-users with access to their documents. VMware sees the future of end-user computing and has continued to improve the VMware Horizon Suite through in-house development and acquisitions.

VMware Horizon revolves around desktop virtualization and delivering enterprise applications to tablets and smart phones. AirWatch’s products and experience will allow VMware to enhance the VMware Horizon Suite with:
  • Robust mobile device and application management
  • Ability to separate personal and corporate data and applications on mobile devices
Moving forward, AirWatch will become the focal point for VMware’s mobile development initiatives. Ultimately, VMware is looking to expand their end-user computing offerings with a range of virtual desktop capabilities that provides end-users with a secure virtual workspace that they can use to access applications from any type of device – desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones – anywhere, at any time.

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