Thursday, February 27, 2014

Juniper Firefly Suite: Dynamic Security for Virtual Networks

Demonstrating their commitment to network innovation, Juniper Networks introduced the FireFly Suite in mid-January. Designed to address the security challenges of enterprises and service providers, the Juniper Networks’ Firefly Suite is a set of software-based security tools for VMware and KVM. Delivering flexible, holistic security purpose-built for virtualization and cloud environments, the FireFly Suite provides robust and granular hypervisor-based protection for virtual machines (VMs) across different workloads.

The Juniper Networks’ Firefly Suite can be easily embedded throughout the virtual environment including the hypervisor itself or as VMs connected to the various virtual networks. This approach accelerates service rollout and increases application agility with highly scalable granular protection. As a result, the FireFly Suite is able to address key security challenges unique to virtualized data centers and clouds by enabling network and security administrators to dynamically deploy and scale firewall protection.

As a multi-layered virtual security solution, the Firefly Suite contains three major components:

1. FireFly Perimeter - A software-based version of the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services             Gateway. Delivers rich connectivity based on the Junos OS and features granular segmentation capabilities between zones, organizations, lines of business, user groups, and applications.

2. Junos Space Virtual Director – Running on top of the Junos Space network management platform, it is an easy-to use lifecycle management application that enables organizations to automate the provisioning and resource allocation of FireFly Perimeter VMs.

3. FireFly Host – Previously referred to as vGW Virtual Gateway, it acts as a stateful firewall between VMs and integrates security features such as intrusion detection (IDS), virtualization-specific antivirus (AV) protection, and compliance tools, with management scale.

When bundled together, the components within the Juniper Networks’ FireFly Suite comprise a single comprehensive solution that secures traffic from all directions. A future-proofed investment, customers are assured the rights to future innovation on these products with the purchase of software maintenance. Offered as both perpetual and subscription licenses, the FireFly suite provides a non-disruptive upgrade path for future scalability so that customers can continue to meet their business goals.


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