Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nimble Storage Achieves 99.999 Percent Annual Uptime

Nimble Storage has recently released data accumulated from July 2012 through November 2013 proving that their current installed base of thousands of storage systems has achieved 99.999 percent annual uptime. This important industry benchmark has been achieved after just over three years of shipping systems, and incorporates several factors including uptime, planned downtime, environmental downtime, and unplanned downtime.

A significant achievement for Nimble Storage, this benchmark is based on real world data versus statistical projections. As a result, Nimble Storage arrays consistently run at peak condition, protecting businesses from the negative effects of unplanned downtime, which can include monetary losses, damage to mission-critical data, and at times, legal repercussions. This achievement is primarily due to a combination of Nimble’s CASL architecture and their InfoSight engine.

Featuring a flash-optimized architecture, Nimble Storage built its software architecture from the ground up to leverage the performance of flash technology and the cost-effective capacity and reliability of hard disk drives. Their patented CASL, or Cache Accelerated Sequential Lay-Out, architecture addresses availability concerns through features such as an active/standby controller architecture, fast multi-parity RAID, and built-in fault tolerance.

In addition to design features, Nimble Storage also addresses availability challenges through its approach to support and storage lifecycle management. Built on powerful data analytics technologies, Nimble’s InfoSight is a centralized engine that monitors all Nimble Storage assets collectively from the cloud and proactively analyzes millions of data points across the Nimble installed base for complete insight into overall storage system health.

Furthermore, Nimble Storage’s InfoSight Engine continues to get “smarter” over time, becoming increasingly proactive in identifying potential issues and sending alerts to customers. This approach ensures that over the course of a Nimble Storage array’s life cycle overall system availability is proven to increase, while the likelihood of experiencing downtime significantly decreases.

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