Thursday, June 19, 2014

VMware Introduces vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware recently introduced vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), a secure, hybrid cloud service that supports third-party and new application development as well as existing workloads. Providing agility, compatibility, and ease of use, vCloud Hybrid Service allows users to extend their current data center into the public cloud while maintaining control. Built on the foundation of vSphere, vCHS allows users to leverage the same familiar interface, network settings and management tools they have onsite, and migrate virtual machines between their data center and VMware’s cloud infrastructure.

With support for over 5000 applications and over 90 operating systems, vCloud Hybrid Service is a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform ideal for high-performance, production workloads, disaster recovery, new application development, and more. vCloud Hybrid Service allows users to leverage their existing tools for a full cloud experience.

Available in three service models, vCloud Hybrid Service has an offering to fit any need:
  • The Virtual Private Cloud is a logically isolated, fully private networking service that lets users scale up and down as demands change. Starting with 20 GB vRAM, 5 GHz vCPU, and 2 TB standard or SSD accelerated storage, The Virtual Private Cloud offering is a multi-tenant hybrid cloud solution that is cost-effective and delivers expandability, value and performance. The Virtual Private Cloud offering also offers 10 Mbps of internet bandwidth with bursts to 50 Mbps, and two public IP addresses. Ideal use cases for Virtual Private Cloud include applications that are non-critical and highly variable test and development workloads. 
  • As a single-tenant, private cloud instance, the Dedicated Cloud offering is physically isolated and is ideal for security and high compliance workloads, as well as mission-critical applications. The Dedicated Cloud starts with 120 GB vRAM and 30 GHz CPU, Dedicated Cloud starts at 6 TB standard or SSD accelerated storage with internet bandwidth of 50 Mbps with bursts to 1 Gbps and three public IP addresses.  Dedicated Cloud also has the ability to allow demands to match the supply by growing and then scaling back down as needed. 
  • With recovery as a service, the Disaster Recovery Cloud offers a minimum size of 20 GB vRAM and 10 GHz vCPU and contains 1 TB of standard storage. Offering 10 Mbps of internet bandwidth and two IP addresses, the Disaster Recovery Cloud is logically isolated and delivers native cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities for VMware vSphere virtual environments. By protecting on-premises cloud infrastructures through self-service recovery options, Disaster Recovery Cloud also provides automated failover testing, planned migrations, and recovery. 
vCloud Hybrid Service allows users to build new environments in the cloud or expand existing clouds when necessary. Some key features include broadest operating system and application support, high-performance, security and compliance, seamless network integration, manageability and reliability, lower cost of ownership and low risk, and a comprehensive ecosystem and best-in-class support. Some optional features of vCHS include data protection, direct connect, offline data transfer and application catalog.

As many enterprises are looking to move into cloud-based solutions, vCloud Hybrid Service is an ideal solution for those already employing virtualization in their existing infrastructure. vCloud Hybrid Service enables you to extend your private infrastructure seamlessly into the cloud, resulting in improved efficiencies, coverage, and cost-savings.

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