Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nimble Storage Reinvents Storage With Adaptive Flash Platform

Recently, Nimble Storage released a new technology they call their Adaptive Flash platform. This technology combines Nimble’s existing, patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture and their cloud-based InfoSight storage lifecycle management platform. The combination of these two features enables storage resources to be intelligently and dynamically deployed to better support a wide range of mixed data center workloads.

Key benefits of Adaptive Storage include:
  • Non-disruptive scaling of both performance and capacity
  • Enterprise-class performance and capacity in a small footprint
  • Eliminate forklift upgrades for investment protection
  • Sustain peak health of your storage infrastructure 
  • A flexible, building-block approach to achieving Cloud scale

Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform incorporates both SSDs (solid-state drives) and HDDs (hard disk drives) and is engineered to allow enterprises to add flash incrementally as they need it. The new CS700 series model offers more flash capacity than the CS200 and CS400 series with increased maximum flash capacity in the head unit as well as maximum flash capacity with the new All-Flash Shelf. The new All-Flash Shelf is an add-on component to the CS-series systems that can accommodate up to 12.8TB of SSDs.

The Nimble Storage CS200 Series supports workloads such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Microsoft applications, and virtual server consolidation. It is ideal for medium sized IT organizations or distributed sites of larger enterprises. The Nimble Storage CS400 Series is ideal for IO-intensive workloads including large-scale VDI, SQL or Oracle server databases and offers advanced performance for large-scale deployments. Ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations, the CS300 Array is a 3U dual controller hybrid flash system that offers the best capacity per dollar amount for workloads including VDI and virtual server consolidation. Offering advanced performance for large-scale deployments or I/O-intensive workloads such as large-scale VDI, and Oracle or SQL Server databases, the Nimble Storage CS500 array delivers the best performance and IOPS per dollar amount.

The new CS700 series arrays are targeted towards enterprise-class customers with the ability to create a four-node, scale-out CS700 cluster that delivers an aggregate of 500,000 I/O operations per second and 1 PB of capacity. The CS700 utilizes Intel Ivy Bridge processors for around 125,000 IOPS, up to 2.5x the CS400 arrays. VMware, a strategic partner of Nimble Storage, said it is combining Nimble’s Adaptive Flash technology with their Horizon 6 virtual desktop suite that was rolled out in April.

The All Flash Shelf (AFS) comes in the same 3U enclosure as the CS700 base unit, but can also be used with Nimble’s CS400 series arrays. These all-flash expansion shelves deliver up to 12.8 TB of SSD capacity and provides the CS700 with a maximum flash storage capacity of 16 TB when it is combined with the CS700’s 3.2 TB of flash. Each controller unit can also have an AFS to expand the default 4 SSDs for the flash pool. The AFS provides solid-state drive (SSD) capacity behind a Nimble Storage CS700 or CS400 hybrid arrays. The power requirement for the AFS is 200W, which is considerably less than other expansion shelves. Both the CS700 and the AFS are now generally available.


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