Thursday, September 4, 2014

VMware Announces vCloud Air

Days before VMworld 2014, VMware announced the rebranding of its vCloud Hybrid Service to vCloud Air. This name change was made to highlight and focus the company’s commitment to the hybrid cloud category and emphasize their belief that the hybrid cloud is the future of professional deployments.

VMware vCloud Air is built on the foundation of vSphere, is compatible with any on-premises data center, and allows users to simply extend their workloads into the cloud. Users can migrate existing virtual machines (VMs) from on premise private clouds to the public cloud or deploy new applications directly in the cloud, creating a seamless hybrid cloud. vCloud Air reduces the risk and cost of ownership by offering automated replication and monitoring without requiring any modifications to existing applications. Delivering the reliability, performance, and security users demand from a hybrid cloud platform, vCloud Air provides only one support call for on-and-off-premises clouds.

Some benefits of using vCloud Air include its compatibility, agility, and ease of use. With support for over 90 operating systems and more than 5000 applications, vCloud Air has support delivers reliable and secure service that users expect from VMware while leveraging existing investments, processes, and expertise, as well as familiar tools and services that make moving to the cloud simple. The agility of vCloud Air empowers users to do more in less time. Users can set up, tear down, deploy, and test without the need to build a new infrastructure, as well as provides room for future growth. vCloud Air is easy to use and allows users to understand and plan their budgets through a capacity-based subscription, as well as employ existing policies in the cloud and rely on the same source of support as the onsite data center.

Users can start using VMware vCloud Air in any of the following ways:
  • Develop/Test – A first step into the hybrid cloud allows users to free up on premise resources by running pre-production in the cloud and choosing to deploy on or off-site.
  • New Enterprise Applications – Using the hybrid cloud, users can host and build new applications in traditional architectures (Java). 
  • Disaster Recovery – vCloud Air provides a reliable failover environment. 
  • Packaged Applications – Allows users to use their next application upgrade cycle of existing virtualized desktops and applications and host in hybrid cloud.
  • Next Generation Applications – Move from traditional to next generation and mobile applications and test, develop and deploy in hybrid cloud with advanced tools. 

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