Thursday, October 9, 2014

Juniper Networks Enhances Spotlight Secure

Juniper Networks has enhanced the capabilities of the Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform by integrating the ability to link with firewall policies in Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways. This enhancement is one more way that Juniper Networks is working to provide additional layers of defense in the effort to stop advanced malware and emerging threats.  With this new capability, administrators and security professionals can quickly take action on data from verified threat detection feeds and enhance the protection of their high-IQ networks.

As threats continue to increase, accelerate, and evolve, security continues to react with many new technologies. With a vast selection of security tools on the market, customers are still struggling to manage mismatched security tools.  As a result, gaps are left between enforcement and detection at the firewall. Juniper’s revamp of the Spotlight Secure platform addresses these issues and provides administrators with new benefits not found in any other platform.

Highlights of the new enhancements include an intelligent firewall, tight integration with the network, and advanced threat protection. Advances to the SRX firewall now allow it to consume and enforce policy based on the aggregated threat intelligence from detection technology and feeds that are located in the cloud and on premises. Cloud-based threat feeds and customer firewalls are now linked via Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director and Spotlight Secure as they provide a sole aggregation point for many feeds into the firewall. New threat feeds for Spotlight Secure provide C&C and GeoIP feeds that adapt protection and firewall policies based on the severity of threats in the network.  These features also allow the firewall to identify and block traffic from indicated countries and /or send their traffic through added security services.

Spotlight Secure integrated with the SRX firewall brings new capabilities that allow users to effectively take on threats within their network. With an open and scalable security platform, users can now achieve diverse threat intelligence and detection to provide timely, actionable enforcement on the firewall that can stop a wide range of threats. Increased security effectiveness provides users with the ability to use and employ industry-leading technologies, delivering real-time integration between threat feeds and the firewall. With the Spotlight Secure simplified enforcement model, users can significantly reduce administration costs. Centralized management brings threat intelligence feeds, reporting, and more, available in a single pane view with Security Director, while the latest aggregated threat intelligence can automatically syndicate across the entire firewall. 

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