Thursday, December 11, 2014

Juniper Networks Releases First Carrier-Grade Virtual Router

As the industry leader in network innovation, Juniper Networks has recently introduced a new virtualized version of its flagship MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routing platform with the vMX 3D Universal Edge Router. As the industry’s first ever full-featured, carrier-grade virtualized router, the Juniper vMX provides enterprises and service providers with the ability to seamlessly leverage the benefits of both physical and virtual networking. The vMX router operates as software on x86 servers and rapidly delivers services, cost-effectively allowing businesses to stay ahead of customer demand. Juniper Networks also unveiled a new set of capabilities that assist customers in achieving High-IQ networks that leverage the benefits of automation and virtualization.

Juniper vMX Router
 The vMX architecture.
With the rapid increase of networked devices, enterprises are looking for ways to keep up with the demanding network requirements and increase business agility. Many enterprises have already taken to the cloud as a solution to drive agility and efficiency as obtaining a network that is as dynamic and flexible as the cloud is critical. The Juniper Networks vMX router is a solution to this issue, delivering cloud-like agility to the network and bringing new capabilities to businesses such as the ability to roll out new applications, initiatives, and resources quickly while supporting external and internal clients. 

vMX Highlights:
  • Full MX Series supported on x86 servers – vMX runs as a software on x86 servers allowing enterprises to quickly deploy new routing services based on an established Juniper MX pedigree. Benefits of this include the reduced risk and cost of a hardware-centric service roll out and the ability to easily redeploy x86 resources to adapt with changing business demands.
  • Junos and vTrio Optimized – With Junos and vTrio, vMX also supports the same programmable Junos Trio chipset features as the entire MX Series portfolio. This brings current Juniper customers access for a feature set that works across existing virtual and physical infrastructures.
  • Designed for the Cloud – Although vMX runs natively on x86 serves, it can be orchestrated by Contrail and OpenStack and managed by Junos Space. The vMX feature set delivers the flexibility to use physical and virtual routers based on current business needs by being a consistent operator. 
By virtualizing the traditional chassis-based routing platform, Juniper Networks brings the feature-set and proven history of reliability and performance of the MX to the cloud. Combining the vMX with Juniper’s complete physical router portfolio delivers valuable tools enterprises need to maintain an environment for virtual and physical routers. With the vMX, carrier-grade routing can provide customers with greater freedom to start small, experiment with new services, grow rapidly, and stay profitable throughout the entire service lifecycle.

The Juniper Networks vMX 3D Universal Edge Router will be available in Q1 of 2015.


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