Thursday, February 12, 2015

VMware Releases vSphere 6

VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, recently announced the largest vSphere launch ever with VMware vSphere 6. As the latest edition of the industry-defining virtualization solution for the hybrid cloud and foundation for the software-defined data center, vSphere 6 contains more than 650 new features and innovations. vSphere 6 will feature breakthrough scalability and performance for any application and provide users with industry-first resiliency and availability through an on-demand cloud infrastructure with simplified management at scale.

As the foundation of the hybrid cloud, VMware vSphere 6 has many new features and capabilities including: 

  • Broad Application Support – Addressing the challenges of cloud-native applications, vSphere 6 will allow users to manage thousands of component instances including agile development cycles and multiple application instances, of a single cloud-native application. 
  • New Long-Distance Live Migration Capabilities – With new Long-Distance vMotion, vSphere 6 enables zero downtime live migration of workloads over long distances worldwide. 
  • Instant Clone Technology – VMware’s Instant Clone technology allows users to quickly clone and provision thousands of container instances and virtual machines, creating a new virtual infrastructure in sub-second timeframes.
  • 3D Graphics for Desktop Virtualization – Using NVIDIA GRID vGUP technology, vSphere 6 allows enterprises to deliver high-end workstation and graphics-intensive applications to virtual desktops such as VMware Horizon 6 with greater density a scalable performance and increased cost savings.
  • Enterprise-Class Hypervisor-Converged Storage – With VMware Virtual SAN 6, vSphere 6 will provide enterprise-class scale, performance, and new data services.
  • Virtual Machine-Awareness for Third-Party Storage – With VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes, native virtual machine awareness on a wide range of third-party storage systems is enabled, extending VMware’s software-defined storage control plane to the ecosystem.

VMware vSphere provides powerful server virtualization, network services, efficient storage, cloud API integration, robust security, high availability, and consistent automation. With vSphere 6, users can virtualize any application with confidence, redefine availability, transform storage for virtual machines, and simplify management of the virtual data center. Serving as the foundation of the software-defined data center, vSphere 6 gives users the choice of how they want to build and operate their cloud environments. With vSphere 6, users can now virtualize cloud, mobile, social and big data applications with confidence.

With the release of vSphere 6, VMware will also compliment it with new releases of VMware vCloud Suite 6, VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6, and VMware Virtual SAN 6. 

Check out the VMware vSphere 6.0 video for more information. 

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